10th December 2009

Different Types Of Conference Equipment Hire To Consider

Planning a conference can be a daunting task. This is why there are people who make their livings entirely from planning these types of events.

Planning a conference can be a daunting task. This is why

there are people who make their livings entirely from planning these types of

events. While there is much to consider, one of the first things that you must

consider is the conference equipment hire that you will need. This is equipment

that you will use, and possibly that your participants will use as well. Here

are some different types of equipment to consider.

  • Do

    you need video equipment? Will there be a video presentation? If so, what

    type of presentation will it be? Will there be multiple presentations in

    different areas? You can rent equipment for your video presentations, and

    it is usually quite affordable, depending on what you need, and the length

    of time that you will need it. Make sure that you get the right equipment

    for the type of presentation that you have.

  • Should

    a PA system be included in your conference equipment hire? Some

    conferences are very large, and you may find that you need to rent PA

    equipment, if it is not provided by the venue. PA equipment can be rented

    and even installed for you at the venue, in a way that isn’t permanent.

    Make sure that you take full advantage of this. Never assume that you will

    not have need of a PA system, especially if you expect a large number of


  • Do

    you need computers? Many conferences need computers. Laptops may need to

    be available for each participant, or the staff may have need of laptops

    during the event. Purchasing laptops can be expensive, and depending on

    people to bring their own laptops is always a problem, especially since

    some laptops are not compatible with others. Renting identical laptop

    computers is usually the best option for a conference.

  • Should

    your conference equipment hire include staging? Staging isn’t always

    needed, but in some venues, depending on the size of the audience and how

    they will be viewing your presentation, it may actually be required, and

    it may not be supplied by the venue. All types of staging can be rented,

    for just about any situation that you can imagine.

  • Do

    you need lighting equipment? Some conference venues need special lighting,

    or special lighting effects. This often depends not only on the

    presentation itself, but also on the venue where the event will be held.

    Make sure that the venue has the lighting that you want, and if it

    doesn’t, you can rent the lighting that you need in most cases.

As you can see, there are many different types of conference

equipment hire possibilities that you need to consider. Often, things get

overlooked regarding Audio Visual Hire, and you don’t realize you needed something until it is too late.

This is why you need to carefully plan your conference, and consider every

possibility and different scenarios. Even if you think that you won’t need a

specific type of equipment, unless you are 110% sure, make sure you have it on