Different Uses Of Audiovisual Rentals

10th December 2009

If you’ve never considered audiovisual rentals, you might be

surprised at the various ways that you can use this equipment to increase sales

or to attract more clients. This type of equipment is even very useful within

your organization. Below, you will find several different uses for this

equipment that can help you expand your business.

  • Trade

    Shows – Often, business owners don’t consider using video at a tradeshow

    because of the number of businesses involved, and the noise level.

    However, at your station, you can set up two or three substations that

    have small monitors with headphones, which will allow serious prospects to

    see and hear your video regardless of the number of people, exhibits, and

    the noise level. You could also schedule video presentations at specified

    times during the event, so that participants can make plans to be back at

    your station at a certain time.

  • Seminars

    – Audiovisual rentals are excellent for seminars. At many seminars, your

    business will be the only business there. However, even if other

    businesses are involved, you have the opportunity to address the

    participants alone during the event. This is the perfect time to show a

    video presentation, and you can even combine a video presentation with a


  • Conferences

    – Whether the conference is a big event or a small gathering, you will

    benefit from video. However, if the event is large, you need to make sure

    that you have viewing capabilities that are large enough for the audience,

    as well as sound capabilities that are loud enough for the venue and the

    potential noise level. Usually hiring a sound technician is recommended,

    and you will most likely need to combine the video with an oral

    presentation as well.

  • Proposals

    – Audiovisual rentals are excellent for proposal meetings. This allows you

    to really present a professional proposal to your potential client, using

    either a computer or a projector. As with seminars, you can combine video

    with oral delivery for the best results. Often, if the client is impressed

    with your video, you can easily close the deal. Video is also a good

    choice if you will not be meeting with the client in person.

  • Training

    – Many companies are now using video for training purposes, and many

    actually video their training sessions. People tend to learn more from

    visual aids than they do from sound alone, and video makes it possible for

    trainees to see examples instead of just hearing about examples, which

    typically makes a very big difference. For best results you should use a

    series of videos in your training sessions, with each video being about

    fifteen minutes long, instead of using one long video which could bore

    your trainees.

Depending on the type of business that you have, you may

find that you have additional uses for audiovisual rentals, other than the ones

listed above. In a world where people are affected more by what they see than

what they hear, video, through Audio Visual Hire, is definitely a useful sales and training tool to use.