25th February 2010

Dining Chair Slip Covers That Look Classy and Elegant

Dining chair slip covers are among the most popular furniture décor items today.

Dining chair slip covers are among the most popular furniture décor items today. You can see them in regular homes and even in the movies, and they always seem to give a special ambiance to the room. They look classy and elegant, and at the same time casual enough to be used in dining rooms. They can also freshen up any room with a quick makeover.

The most popular colours for these textile items include white, linen, sage, khaki, blue, and black. They may come in solid colours, or have leaf and floral patterns in a variety of shades. The most common material used for their making is cotton – a very soft natural fabric.

If you shop around, you will be able to find the dining chair slip covers that will perfectly match your interior. You can either match them with the main colour scheme of the room, or contrast them with the table. For instance, a dark wooden table may look great with light chair covers. If you have a lot of soft shades in the colour scheme of the interior, then you may want to choose festive fabrics in bright colours, such as royal navy and burgundy. These covers are so affordable that you can have a few sets for different moods and occasions. They come in short and long.

Today, it has become excessively costly to have upholstery cleaned by professionals. In fact, even if you purchase a few dining chair slip covers sets, they could cost less than having your furnishings professionally cleaned just once. If you used cleaning services, the chairs would require another cleaning within a certain period of time, which means another expense. If you have children or pets, this could amount to a large chunk of money. Instead of having to pay that much for cleaning, or having to scrub your upholstery after pets or kids, you can use affordable covers for your furnishings and wash them when they get dirty.

Cotton products are extremely easy to care for. Here are the general suggestions: machine wash with a gentle cycle. Cotton items will not get damaged by high temperatures, detergents, or ironing. Synthetics may require more gentle care, such as low temperatures and mild detergents.

People, who have valuable furniture pieces at home that need to be protected, can use these for protection. If you have old or mismatched furnishing items in your dining room, you can conceal them with the modern covers to make for a clean and fresh look.

Modern dining chair slip covers can fit perfectly onto any chairs. They easily slip over the backs, and their ties can be adjusted to secure them on the seat and back. There also are available designs with no ties. However, these may look saggy on some furniture. You can also find stretch and elastic form-fitting designs to consider.

The only issue in regard to secure fit may be represented by leather chairs. In this case, the covers may not stay put and slip off easily when someone moves in their chair. Some people decide to staple the fabric underneath to prevent its movement. If you have fabric upholstered chairs, then you are likely not to experience any issues with slipping.