14th December 2009

Display Boards Velcro Options

Many companies are now purchasing display boards Velcro covered.

Many companies are now purchasing display boards Velcro covered. Velcro boards tend to look nicer than plain cork boards, and they also make it possible to attach notices and such to the boards without the use of thumbtacks. You even have the option of having a cork board that has Velcro attachments for mounting purposes. Take a look at more options that are available to you. 

● Different Colour Options – When you go with the Velcro option, you will be amazed at the various colour options that you have. Velcro covered boards can be created in just about any colour that you desire, enabling you to have a board that fits right in with the colour scheme of your office, meeting room, or break room. You can even have a mixture of colours if you choose to. 

● Different Size and Shape Options for Display Boards Velcro – Just as cork can be cut to your specifications Velcro can also be cut to your specifications. In fact, most Velcro boards have a cork underlay, in case you want to use thumbtacks on the board as well. You can even take advantage of the same framing and mounting options that are available for plain cork boards as well.

● Different Attachment Options – As mentioned, you can elect to attach notices and such to your board with thumbtacks or pushpins, but you can also use small – or large – Velcro attachments as well. These attachments are available in a number of different sizes, and they have Velcro on one side, and tape on the other side. The Velcro obviously attaches to the board, and the tape attaches to the back of the notice or document that you wish to hang.

● Tiled Display Boards Velcro Options – For visual purposes, many people elect to have boards customised with Velcro tiles. This can be done in an assortment of ways. You can even have tiles arranged to form your company logo, or use a mixture of colours to make the board fit in better with your decorating. The options are vast, and should be carefully considered.

● Different Hanging Options – As mentioned, you can hang your Velcro board just as you would hang a regular cork board – either with temporary adhesives, permanent adhesives, magnets, or brackets and screws. You can also have boards designed that are designed to not be mounted at all. Essentially, your Velcro board can be designed and mounted in any way that you desire – and it can be any size that you want as well. 

Display Boards Velcro covered are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons, and are essential in many different businesses. This is because thumbtacks are not allowed in many different places now, because they can be dangerous. Also, Velcro looks better than cork in many circumstances where a cork board is needed, but not desired. Because these boards have a cork underlay, with Velcro covering, you can have the best of both worlds, as you desire.