Do You Need Conference AV Hire?

10th December 2009

Conferences can be fun and exciting, but they can also be

quite boring. Sitting for long periods of time listening to speakers drone on

and on isn’t very exciting in most cases. You can spice your conference up with

a conference AV hire. Using video of any type during a conference instantly

makes the event more exciting and interesting, depending on the presentation

itself. Here are some conference video ideas that you might use.

  • Break

    it up. Don’t make your conference nothing but speeches, and don’t make it

    nothing more than one long video either. Use a combination of the two, and

    break them up so that your audience stays alert and on point. At the same

    time, don’t let it get to predictable either. Do several practice runs

    before your conference if possible to see how your audience is going to


  • Choose

    the right conference AV hire equipment. There are many choices when it

    comes to the equipment that you will use, but you must consider the type

    of presentation you have, as well as the venue that it will be presented.

    For example, if you rent equipment that is nothing more than a smaller

    monitor on stage for your audience to view, they aren’t going to be very

    happy because they cannot see it very well. Make sure that you consider

    the size of your audience, and how they are spread out in the venue when

    choosing your equipment.

  • Give

    information in short doses. While some topics require a great deal of

    time, you should try to divide information up during your conference.

    Everyone is different, with different levels of attention spans. Take this

    into consideration, and arrange your conference presentation so that

    information is given in small doses that can easily be digested and


  • Choose

    the right type of video presentation, with the right conference AV hire

    equipment. Will slides work best for your presentation? Do you need a full

    blown video? Will audio alone be enough? Consider your information and

    your audience, as well as what you are able to accomplish with different

    types of media, to determine what type of video or audio presentation you

    will present.

  • Have

    your presentation video professionally done if possible. You never want

    your video presentation to look ‘home made.’ There are many professional

    video services available, as well as software that can help you create a

    professional video if you cannot afford a professional, such as Power

    Point. View your video yourself, and have others view it as well to ensure

    that it looks as professional as possible, and instead of overlooking

    small flaws, make it perfect. It is better to have no video presentation

    at all than to have video that is less than perfect.

You absolutely must take your audience into consideration,

as well as the length of your conference. If you do this, and you use the right

conference AV hire equipment and audio visual hire company, your conference will definitely be a huge

success, and the participants will be happy that they took the time to attend.