04th January 2010

Double sided banner stand: a nice investment in your future success

At a certain point of your business career you realise that having an exhibition stand will speed up the process of branded marketing.

At a certain point of your business career you realise that having an exhibition stand will speed up the process of branded marketing. The only question is which model to choose. A double sided banner stand can be a nice investment in your future success. Of course, it is not that easy to make the right choice out of the variety of styles, shapes, materials and designs of banners available on the market. That is why every single factor of your business should be taken into account, every slightest peculiarity should be considered. In the intense world of business only the most careful, wise and thoughtful wins out, that is why every decision of yours, every choice is like a little brick which adds to the strength of the whole building. The same with a banner stand – if you choose the right one, it will serve its purpose; if you make a mistake, it will be nothing more than a waste of money.

A double sided banner stand is a nice option if you take part in all sorts of exhibitions, trade shows, seasonal sales and fairs, and other events like that. It goes without saying that you need an original, bright, cheerful and professional approach to make you company attention grabbing among dozens, if not hundreds competitors. A nice banner stand will surely enhance the brand image of your company and popularise your business. A great variant is a retractable stand with double sided display – the visitors will be able to approach it from both sides, which means your advertisement will work twice more effective.  In fact it will guarantee almost 360-degree visibility. 

So, if you have enough space at a trade show or another event of that sort, opt for a double sided banner stand without hesitation. But the problem is that most of these shows and fairs are incredibly crowded, as everybody wants to represent their production, therefore the area given for every company is quite limited. And very often you get a space near the wall, having an opportunity to display only one side of your stand. Even in this case a double sided banner is effective: in the course of the event you can turn the banner, displaying the graphics from another side. It will bring a considerable refreshment into your promotional campaign.  As for the construction of a double sided banner stand, it is simple and easy to use: two banners are placed back to back and supported by a single pole between them.

Also, this kind of stand does extremely well in airports, shopping centres, hotel lobbies, and other places with a large number of people. If your logo is eye-catching, original and interesting, it will be definitely noticed with the help of a double sided stand. It can be even used outside: a new generation of banners are weather resistant, with quality laminated graphics. The only obstacle might be a strong wind. 

In any case you will be able to expand the horizons of your business expectations when you see a real result of the effectiveness of a double sided banner stand.