12th April 2010

Double Sided Banner Stands Take Your Marketing Message To The Next Level

Double sided banner stands are often chosen by the business owners who have an intention to bring their promotional campaign to another level of quality.

Double sided banner stands are often chosen by the business owners

who have an intention to bring their promotional campaign to another

level of quality. Of course, everything depends on a type of business

you run, peculiarities of your strategy and sort of event you are going

to visit: trade shows and fairs, or perhaps presentations, sales or

exhibitions. Or may be you intend to put your exhibition unit in a

hotel lobby, or in a mall, or in a waiting room of the closest airport.

When you choose an exhibition stand, everything has to be carefully

planned, every single detail should be taken into account. In any case,

it is highly unlikely that it is possible to lose with double sided

banner stands, as they have so many advantages.

It is obvious that you will try to be different from representatives of

other companies, especially if all of them produce similar products or

provide the same services. Lots of your competitors will use branded

gifts and giveaway items, advertising leaflets and brochures, and of

course exhibition stands.

Perhaps you would like to find some original solution how to stand out

of the crowd – so why not to try displaying your stand from both sides?

It will give the access to your arrangement from both sides, 

automatically doubling the number of potential customers. It is a very

convenient option if your location at a trade show is not at the wall.

But even if it is there, with double sided banner stands you will win

nevertheless. Turning the banner in regular intervals, you will be able

to display the graphics from both sides. This way it is possible to

give more information to the visitors to remember, and at the same time

to refresh their perception of your brand image.

Perhaps you think that it would not be very convenient to move the

whole structure, but these stands are quite simple and easy to use:

they consist of a single pole supporting two banners put back to back.

Moreover, they are portable thanks to their light weight, so it would

not be difficult to relocate a banner like this. There is no need to

hire a professional for setting up and dismantling double sided banner

stands: they are manufactured to meet the requirements of those who

needs mobility and flexibility in the course of  promotional events. It

would be effortless for you to take this stand to a few events during a

single day.

It is also very convenient to use a double sided banner outside: placed

at a roadside, it would attract the attention of people walking in both

directions. Do not worry, it will not get spoiled after being used a

few times: these days banners are resistant to different weather

conditions, and their graphics are not that susceptible to moist,

bright sunlight and dust. Also, the construction of a stand is quite

strong, but if you have any doubts, make sure there is a warranty

period at least for one year.

In general, it would not be a mistaken decision to get one of the

double sided banner stands in order to popularise your company.