Earls Court on sale for £1.2 million

29th June 2006

Earls Court is going on sale for £1.2m although keen investors will be sorry to hear that this is not some extraordinarily cheap business deal but the price set on a board game.
The venue is one of the property squares on the new ‘Here and Now’ version of Monopoly following a public vote initiated by Parker, the game’s manufacturer.
“The new places were loosely based on popular tourist attractions and sparked a national debate as to which places should have been selected for the board,” says parker spokesperson, Chris Weatherhead.
For his part, EC&O boss, Anthony Lyons, thinks the venue’s inclusion is a tribute to its ongoing popularity in the capital.
“We are delighted that Earls Court appears on this new version of Monopoly,” he says. “Earls Court is about the same age as the game and this updated version reflects the venue’s relevance to the 21st century as a favourite London landmark, and, in context, its value as a property.”
Players of the game will need to fork out a cool £1.2m to buy the property. The venue’s press release contends that this would be something of a steal.