Easily Participate In Many Different Trade Shows With Modular Exhibition Stands

28th April 2010

Modular exhibition stands are an excellent way for companies to have the

tools to participate in many different trade show and convention events

without having to order new stands and banners for each one. Unlike

regular stands, which can only be fit to once purpose and size of booth,

modular sets allow you to mix and match different stand sets as

required to fit the space that you have at the trade show or convention.

This can give you the level of flexibility required to change your

displays at will without a huge amount of investment. However, there are

a few things that you will want to keep in mind if you are interested

in using this style of stand.

First, while modular exhibition stands offer a great deal of

flexibility, it is important that you keep the manuals and packaging for

these stands. Because of how they are designed, it is possible to mix

and match between the various stand sets. The instruction guides form

the modular sets will be required if you want to return to the original

module. This can require a lot of storage space depending on the size of

your general display. In addition to this, it is also important to

realize that these stands require a lot more labour to install. Where

you gain the ability to change your displays on a whim, you lose in ease

of set up.

Once you purchase your modular exhibition stands, you will need to have

panels or banners to match your stands. This is where having the

original manuals for the stand module is important. As these stands are

highly customizable, you need to be able to order the right banners or

panels for your sets as you require. The manuals include the creative

sizes allowed for each panel of your modular stand. Depending on the

style of your module, you may need several pieces of creative for the

module. While it may not be as easy as ordering your banners or creative

when you purchase the stands, the level of flexibility gained is vital

for businesses that attend a lot of trade shows and conventions. In many

cases, having the same display for a trade show can negatively impact a

company, especially if the same client base is attending the show. By

mixing and matching your module stands and the creative in them, you can

keep your displays fresh at a lot lower expense than if you bought new

banner sets every time there is a new event to attend.

Once you have your module exhibition stands, it is important that you

take good care of them. Modular stands are not typically made for

outdoor use. Because of this, it is important that you store them in

cool, dry places. This will ensure that no parts of the stand will rust.

While many stands are now made of aluminum or other materials that are

not prone to rust, older stand designs still make use of steel parts

which can discolour. Your creative needs to be stored in a place where

it will not become susceptible to mould or mildew.