EIA unveils mentoring scheme

28th June 2007

The Events Industry Alliance, EIA, has unveiled a mentoring scheme designed to link members of the Association of Exhibition Contractors , Association of Event Organisers and Association of Event Venues , with some of the most talented and respected events industry leaders.
Member organisations looking for a mentor, consultant, non-executive director or chairman, can now use EIA to explore possibilities, make contacts and establish relationships.
Mentors include Brian Wiseman, Chris Hughes, Keith Greetham, Philip Soar and Tim Etchells and they can be hired on one-off, ad-hoc or on a regular basis.
“I have performed this connecting function on an informal basis for a number of years and now is a good time with a good reason for formalising it,” says EIA group chief executive, Trevor Foley. “Creating this scheme makes the opportunity more widely known for all members to benefit from.”