Employer and Public Liability Insurance- Protect Yourself and Your Workers

13th July 2010

There are often a lot of questions surrounding employers and public

liability insurance.  Do you need liability insurance if you are the

only person working in your company?  Do you need liability insurance if

you have less than five employees?  The truth is any employer or

business owners can suffer financially as well as have their reputations

damaged as a result of someone suffering a loss as a result o the

company's negligence or the carelessness of an employee. No matter how

big or how small your company is whether you have staff or no staff you

can be subject to liabilities law suits and to being sued.  Every

business that works directly with the public will benefit from having a

good insurance policy on their side.

Employers and public

insurance policies are very much the same for each company with only a

few stipulation changes for each company based on their specific needs. 

The more expensive the policy the more coverage you will receive.  If

you do not expect to have contact with customers or that your products

will have contact with customers directly you may not need a super

expensive policy, but you will still need a policy of some sort.  Your

company may need to spend a lot or a moderate amount of money on your

liability insurance policy but that policy can easily save your

corporation millions of dollars in civil and criminal law suits as a

result of negligence or carelessness on the part of a representative of

your company.

Employers and public insurance can easily be found

to be the smartest business investment you have ever made.  It takes

only one person to have an accident and hurt themselves in your store or

shop, or while using your product, to cost your company thousands or

even millions.  Having liability insurance and closely following the

stipulations set forth by that policy can save your company not only a

lot of money but also damage to your reputation.  Having liability

insurance is the responsible thing to do when you are working with

customers or providing products for the direct use of a customer.  If

you are having any contact with customers or customers will be using

your products you need to be responsible, and you need to have proper

liability insurance to protect your company and your staff.


and public liability insurance is required by law in many cases because

the employers insurance will protect the employers from any financial

hardship that can be suffered as a result of an employee injuring

themselves or dying while at work in your company.  Public insurance

will protect the company from injuries or deaths that might occur in

your company by non-employees or customers as a result of negligence or

wrong doing by a member of your company.  Not only is liability

insurance required by law in many cases it is also the responsible thing

to do when yo own a company.  In order to keep you, your company, your

employees and your customers safe you need insurance.