02nd June 2010

Employers' Public Liability Insurance – The Amalgamation of Two Vital Insurance Policies

Employers Public Liability Insurance is a combination of two essential insurance packages – the public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance.

Employers Public Liability Insurance is a

combination of two essential insurance packages – the public liability

insurance and employers’ liability insurance.


Liability Insurance:

This insurance policy is useful when your

business comes in contact with clients or members of the public. If you ever

injure a client or member of the public or even damage their property, public

liability insurance will cover you in the event a claim is made against you.


Liability Insurance:

This is compulsory by law. If your business

has employees working for you, you are legally obliged to have this insurance.

It provides cover for sums which employers may be liable to pay to any employee

in the event of an accidental death, bodily harm or disease arising when he/she

has been in the course of employment.

Based on the above, an Employers Public

Liability Insurance protects the company and its employers from legal claims.

A business is always open to a certain

amount of risk which can in varied forms. In order to be protected from these

varied situations, the best solution is to obtain an insurance policy which

will adequately cover you. This will always protect the company from possible


It is not compulsory to have an insurance

policy, but if you do there are times when it can be very valuable and helpful.

In the case of an employer’s liability insurance it is compulsory. If your

business has only one employee – whether volunteer or part-time, an insurance

of this type is vital. In case you don’t possess this policy you can be fined.

The Employers Public Liability Insurance is

a perfect solution if your business consists of employees and also if it deals

the clients and/or members of the public. Rather than investing on two

different policies, both these vital requirements have been amalgamated into

one for the convenience of the majority of businesses that are found in the

market of today.

Businesses should not consider investing in

an insurance policy as an unnecessary expense. You will never know when it will

become handy. When you are adequately covered you will not have the fear of

running into bankruptcy by paying out an employee or a member of public/client

who will sue you for some damage or error in employment. These insurances

basically protect the employers from people who are out to do the company harm.

Past records show many business companies who were declared bankrupt because

they were not covered by insurance and thus were financially drained by paying


There are a number of online insurance

websites that sell the Employers Public Liability Insurance policy. These

agents are very flexible and accommodating. You can browse their websites and provide

them with the basic information of your company and request for a quote. After

which you can discuss matters further or even negotiate and select the most

appropriate policy for your company.

Obtaining a quote does not mean that you

are obliged to buy it; take your time and study the proposal very well before

placing your signature.