26th February 2010

Entertainer Insurance: a special type of insurance

Many people feel that work a nine to five job just is not for them.

Many people feel that work a nine to five job just is not for them. Instead they choose to creatively enlighten the world through their thoughts and ideas. People like this need a special type of insurance. Entertainer insurance for the creative person, who just cannot fathom working a normal job.

This type of insurance is a lot like those insurances offered too those who choose to work a regular job. These policies will cover liability and any damages that may occur to your equipment that you use for a job. Sometimes it will even act as workers compensation insurance for not just you; but, your staff as well in the event that you or they are injured. On top of this it will sometimes cover loss if these injuries cause you to lose business or income.

On top of covering you, your staff, your equipment, or any other aspect of your business there is more that can go along with these types of entertainer insurance coverage plans. You can also offer insurance to the audience in case of accident such as injury to a person or damage that could happen to their property. Depending on the type of show or event you hold this could come in handy. This will ensure that if you have an accident during the performance the audience is not going to come back and sue you and if they do you will be covered by your insurance.

This type of insurance only lasts for a specified amount of time. Usually the insurance policy will cover the beginning of your event, the activities during your event, and the time directly coinciding with the ending of your performance. You will want to be sure you check the policy and talk with your agent who is going to be handling your policy to be sure that the insurance will cover everything you need it to cover. This will be important in case there is an accident during a time period that is no covered. It will require forethought to find a policy that will allow you to plan for such an accident. You definitely do not want to be caught without any protection to you or your company in case of emergency.

There are a lot of individuals out there who entertainment businesses. There are DJ’s, clowns, even dance crews. None of them should ever be caught without entertainer insurance. It is a vital part of any entertainment business. It could mean the difference between going bankrupt, if an injury or damage occurs during a performance, and coming out on top of the situation. While it may seem like a pricey and unneeded investment up front, in the end it will pay for itself. So if you are one of those individuals who could never work behind a desk in a stuff office and wear a suit. This insurance may be for you. Remember it is important to be prepared because you definitely do not want to be caught without any coverage.