ESSA & AEV to have joint Director

5th October 2010

The Event Supplier & Services Association and the Association of Event Venues have agreed to have a single director to work across both associations in a drive to increase effectiveness, communications and value for money for members.

The current ESSA Director Chris Skeith will take on overall responsibility for the management of both associations freeing up resources that can be deployed to deliver additional member services. The close working relationship that already exists between the two associations has been fostered through joint working parties and common aims and practices.

ESSA Chair Steve Barratt said: “We are always mindful that the association has to deliver value to members and having a single director who can manage ESSA and be knowledgeable about issues facing the AEV will make us all more effective by bringing us closer together, whilst still maintaining the independence of each association.”

Graham Stephenson, Chair of the AEV added: “Chris has proven, over the past few months, that this role is not only possible but one which adds value by improved communications and understanding. It also frees up resources to allow both Associations to keep delivering benefits to our members.”