ESSA on the up and up

7th July 2011

Chris Skeith

ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association) membership has now risen to over 200 for the first time in three years, and its retention rates are increasing, showing that, despite economic uncertainty, ESSA membership still provides excellent value for money for event and exhibition suppliers and service companies.

As of July 2011, ESSA’s membership has grown to 206, rising by over 7% in just 6 months. While losses are inevitable, with companies concentrating on core markets, changing marketing focus, and the pool of prospects shrinking with mergers, the other side of the story is the retention rates which are 50% better than at this time in previous years.

ESSA member Concept Furniture International Ltd supplies hire furniture to events, exhibitions and conferences. It joined in 2010.

Concept Furniture commercial director Raj Watts comments: "ESSA membership has made us part of a community, and is helping us drive our business forward. The ESSA standards benchmark our quality and give our clients, the exhibitors and organisers, confidence in us. Now we know what it’s like being an ESSA member, I don’t know why we didn’t join before – we wouldn’t be seen without it!"

ESSA director Chris Skeith says: "We are delighted that ESSA is gaining more new members each year and losing fewer – this shows that we are delivering what companies want and need in these difficult financial times, and gives us the foundations to further enhance our products and services to the membership."