23rd February 2010

ETC Selador Series helps climate change summit in Copenhagen

Demonstrating their ‘green’ credentials, ETC’s award winning Selador Series of LED fixtures received their first major European outing at the COP15 Climate Change summit in Copenhagen in December 2009...


their ‘green’ credentials, ETC’s award winning Selador Series of LED fixtures

received their first major European outing at the COP15 Climate Change summit

in Copenhagen in December 2009. At the end of the summit, the attending world

leaders were invited to the Royal Danish Theatre for a performance of the

ballet Napoli by August Bournonville. 

In among

the house rig of ETC Source Four Revolutions and Vari-Lite VL3500Q moving

lights – both chosen for their quiet operation – lighting designer Mikki Kunttu

used Selador Vivid for sidelights and cyc lighting and Selador Lustr for

lighting set pieces. He explains: “When we first started planning the show

lighting, we talked a lot about how to make the production as ‘green’ as

possible. We even considered getting rid of conventional lighting completely,

but this proved to be impossible. Using LED for sidelights was something new

for me and they worked really well – I was very impressed. 

“I was

sceptical until now because previously I’d considered that neither the dimming

nor the power were quite there yet. But this time, they were fantastic, with

the colours especially good. We had no problems whatsoever with dimming.” 


Bek Jensen, the theatre’s head of lighting, continues: “For some time, the

Royal Danish Theatre has wanted to become more power efficient and the climate

change summit, when we would be on show to the most important people in the

world, gave us a good opportunity to see what was available. With Selador

powerful enough to light the entire cyc from bottom to top by just placing a

row on the ground, pointing up, that meant the theatre could replace an entire

wall of ancient 1,500W cyc lights totalling 100,000W with a single row of

Selador totalling more like 1,000W. 


the wings, the Selador fixtures were focussed just above the floor, so that the

light was on the dancers’ bodies and not their feet. This was a pleasant

surprise for many of them, because they are used to being blinded by the side

booms so that they can’t see the floor. After initial curiosity about the

lights, they were all very happy.” 


also used some ETC Source Four Revolution automated zoom profiles to help

create an underwater scene in Act II. They came as part of the house lighting

rig, and, he adds, “they are fantastic fixtures. Looking from a practical point

of view, they’re really silent – in opera houses, noise from moving lights can

be a big problem, so having a fixture which doesn’t make too much noise is a

major positive point for us.” 


Selador Series consists of three fixture lines: – Paletta, Lustr and Vivid-R –

all of which are optimised to different uses. They have a common feature: the

patented x7 Color System which offers the broadest spectrum LED colour

available and saturated colour brightness levels that can rival or surpass the

outputs of tungsten lighting fixtures, but using up to 90% less power. Lustr is

best for whites and skin tones; Paletta for soft pastel colours; and Vivid-R

for strong saturated colours. Within the Vivid line are three models: the Vivid-R,

and the new powerful twins Vivid Fire and Vivid Ice. As the names suggest, Fire

offers warm reds, while Ice specialises in cool blues, allowing the user to

move from afternoon to sunset or from twilight to romantic moonlit nights. 


is designed specifically for theatre use, to provide flattering skin tones,

making the colours in costumes stand out and skin look natural. Even in the

deep blue shimmering sea of Napoli’s Act II, skin tones still do not appear

unpleasant or harsh as they can with other LED fixtures. 


concludes: “The theatre is funded by government grants and has a have huge

power bill which we’d love to reduce as much as possible. We are hoping to get

funding to change all our outdated and inefficient equipment as soon as we can,

because if we change all the equipment, we can save a lot of money each year.” 

You can

see the video of Mikki and Thomas talking about their use of Selador along with

images from the show on ETC’s YouTube video library, which can be found at