EVA joins AEV

31st May 2006

The Exhibition Venues association has finally joined forces with the Association of Exhibition Venues. The decision follows months of industry speculation that such an amalgamation would eventually be unavoidable.

The merger will become official in the Autumn when legal requirements have been satisfied, however, EVA members are able to join the AEV straight away.

According to the AEV, the path is now clear for the venue side of the industry to operate with a unified and powerful voice in promoting itself to government, the EU and the media.

“I am delighted that EVA members have recognised that, by merging with the AEV, the venues community can move on to expand and develop a range of services and activities that will provide positive benefits to the whole membership and the industry at large,” says AEV chairman, Nigel Nathan.

Meanwhile, EVA chairman, Paul Lewis, feels that his members think the merger is the best route for the future.

“The best way forward was to have one truly representative association that enjoys the support of the whole sector, and has the resources to provide the required level of activities to assist members in a very competitive media marketplace,” he says. “I fully support our members’ decision which, I am convinced, is in the best interests of our sector.”