Event branding goes green

26th February 2008

A new brand of biodegradable PVC signage was launched at the recent Event Show, designed to support companies’ sustainable policies.

BIOflex is made from 65% biodegradable PVC and provides an ideal solution for event organisers and production companies looking for greener ways to brand their events.

The product degrades in approximately three years, with the speed dependent on a number of factors, including soil temperature and moisture, and in many cases breakdown will occur much faster than this.

“At present the material is approximately 65% biodegradable,” said Trevor Booth, technical director of Sunbaba which sourced and distributes the product. “This is because the polyester support cloth does not yet contain the additive that causes the PVC to biodegrade. A special polyester is currently being worked on to bring to material up to 100% biodegradable.”

Lasting from three to five years in indoor and outdoor applications, BIOflex can be branded or printed as normal PVC, and is ideal for any event signage.