21st April 2010

Event Cancellation Insurance Can Cover 100% Of Your Costs

You can take the worry out of planning ahead in an uncertain world with event cancellation insurance services.

You can take the worry out of planning ahead in an uncertain world

with event cancellation insurance services. They will be there to help,

when things just don’t go as planned. As an experienced event

organiser, you know to expect the unexpected and the things that are

beyond your control means you have to cancel or abandon your event. And

you can’t always rely on your business insurance to cover you if

something goes wrong. If your event is cancelled for reasons beyond

your control, then these companies will reimburse your irrecoverable

expenses, up to the limit you choose. They will also pay you up to 100%

of your irrecoverable costs, should the event has to be rearranged for

another day - some insurers limit this to a lower percentage of your


1.  Whatever kind of event you’re planning, you can rely on event

cancellation insurance companies for truly insightful advice and cover

that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

2. Whether it's an award function, a conference, a musical event,

fashion show, an exhibition or a product launch, these companies are

always there to help you. The cover mainly includes loss of, or damage

to, the venue's buildings, fixtures, fittings and machinery. Your

policy may also include power failure and any other eventuality like

late or non-arrival of items essential to the event such as AV

equipment, exhibit items and non-appearance of a large number of

participants. You can also get a cover for injuries from food poisoning

caused by food or drink served as hospitality by you.

3.   When plans get disrupted, the last things you need to worry about

are living expenses and the cost of return transportation. These event

cancellation insurance companies can also help you, when flights are

delayed, luggage is lost, or connections are missed. They may even help

you with ticket sales. This may include cancellation prior to departure

- unused ticket charges associated with your trip that are not

refundable and which were incurred before your departure date.

4. By using these services, you can protect your investment, as bad

weather can ruin your corporate golf day or other special outdoor

event. Either the event has to be cancelled or abandoned or your

golfers get drenched and do not enjoy the day. This type of insurance

can be used to cover not just your costs and expenses but also the

profit your charity would have made had the golf day not been cancelled

or abandoned.

5. This type of insurance can be also be a very helpful tool,

especially if you want to run a special prize competition to promote

your business. As many local businesses (particularly car dealers) like

to be associated with charity events you may well be able to find a

company willing to pay the premium for you by way of sponsorship.

Event cancellation insurance companies can help you make your event

into a joyous occasion. You can insure against cancellation,

abandonment, property damage and public liability, thus enabling you to

enjoy the celebrations without a worry.