Event Insurance – A Vital Requirement for Event Organisers

3rd June 2010

Whether you might be a company which deals

with the organisation of events or if you are an individual who is planning out

an event, a comprehensive Event Insurance is an important factor. It gives you

consolation and peace of mind that whatever happens during the event – you are


A common wish is that everyone would hope

for nothing unfortunate during the event; that it should be completed

successfully. But there have been many instances where a minor problem has

turned into total nightmares. In a situation such as this, you need to be

prepared so that everything will be taken care of.

Most often these insurance policies will

include the following:

  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Cancellation, Abandonment & Postponement Cover
  • Event Equipment Cover

You may also customise the Event Insurance

according to the type of event you intend planning. Most insurance companies

are flexible with the areas of cover and you are allowed the option of making

any changes.

Considering the great increase of event

organising in the business world, many leading insurance companies now offer a

variety of policies to cover these events. Given below are some common events

for which policies are offered:

  • Business Dinners
  • Business Meetings
  • Corporate Private Parties
  • Fund Raising Dinners
  • Non Profit Functions
  • Exhibitions
  • Weddings
  • Trade Shows
  • Road Shows and much more

There are events that can run for a couple

of days; events such as carnivals, exhibitions and similar events. An Event

Insurance can be obtained for these as well. Be precise when you mention the

number of people you may expect for these events, since all these details will

be required for the quote.

Given below are some insurance policies

which are offered for a variety of events:

1)      Exhibitor Insurance: When participating for an exhibition, as a business person your

main concern would be on how effective you can make your brand known to the

people, with less concentration on your exposure to legal liabilities. An

exhibition cover will provide valuable protection for your company and

investment. It will include cover for cancellation, property damage and public

and employers liability.

2)      Weddings and Private

Parties: This Event Insurance policy can

include birthday parties, family parties, private functions, wedding

anniversaries etc. Apart from the covers mentioned for the above event this

policy will also cover, adverse weather conditions if it is an outdoor event,

if musicians or entertainers don’t turn up, caterers don’t turn up etc.

3)      Fireworks Display

Insurance: Whether the

event is organised for a charity, school show or birthday party, fireworks

insurance is very important to ensure a stress-free event. You are free to

choose your level of cover, and the policy includes public and employer’s

liability, cancellation and adverse weather, property cover and money.

4)      Fairs, Fetes and

Carnivals: This can include other types of

events as well. You can discuss the options with your insurance agent.

Immaterial the amount of effort you may have put in to organise your event,

there are times when unforeseen and unexpected situation arise. The cover

includes public and employer’s liability and criminal defence.

Event Insurance helps you survive through

the most unexpected situations.