26th April 2010

Event Insurance Brokers Can Mix and Match Policies To Give You The Best Deal

Event insurance brokers can make a huge difference by keeping long-standing relationships with the Insurers and are trusted and respected by clients and Insurers alike.

Event insurance brokers can make a huge difference by keeping

long-standing relationships with the Insurers and are trusted and

respected by clients and Insurers alike. These professionals can really

help in providing choices, advice, guidance and intelligent solutions.

They are quite experienced and qualified and can guide the clients in

the event industry better manage the risks facing their companies.

These experts always try and follow a professional and original

approach to meeting their clients’ needs for reliable, competitive

event insurance and will carefully assess your insurance needs, and

then search for the product that best meets your requirements. If your

circumstances demand it, they will negotiate a tailor-made policy for


• There are many highly skilled event insurance brokers who work with

clients in the exhibition, conference, sports and entertainment sector

by providing a personal yet professional event insurance and risk

management service. They are always keen to offer clear and simple

communication, exceptional customer service and quality products.

All the insurance policies, that they offer have been developed with

the benefit of long term experience and the clear understanding that

every event is unique, and special, to the individual. These policies

can be relied upon to provide cover that is appropriate and affordable.

• These event insurance brokers have the experience and

knowledge of the event insurance market, which mean they can arrange

bespoke and exclusive insurance products at lower premiums than other

insurance brokers. They can work quite well with their clients who want

a personal and consultative based relationship which provides peace of

mind and assurance that if something goes wrong they are there to help.

They can help you purchase the insurance to indemnify the cost of

certain legal expenses which may arise if the business has to bring or

defend legal proceedings and would otherwise be payable by the company

out of its own assets (unless recoverable from the opponent). Where

this form of insurance covers the costs of an employment dispute, it

usually also covers the liability (as employer) for any specified

compensation awarded to the employee. The cover can normally extend to

include actions brought against the trustees, employees and volunteers.

You can fill out simple events insurance enquiry form online and an

event insurance broker will get back to you directly by telephone to

give you a quote for your event.

• Insurance brokers who know

a lot about one aspect, for example large scale residential care, won't

necessarily understand the requirements of a small advice agency. So

always ask to see their client list, and check out what similar

organisations have insurance for, as well as recommended brokers or

insurance companies.

Working with event insurance brokers allow you to purchase customised

insurance that would be impossible to access on your own, or to

comparison shop for the product that gives you the best possible

coverage. Whenever you work with an independent broker, confidentiality

is always guaranteed. They understand the confusion and stress felt

when a loss occurs and really help you through the entire claims