22nd June 2010

Event Insurance Coverage Varies From Event To Event

In today’s fast paced society, the need for a competitive and flexible event insurance coverage has become increasingly essential.

In today’s fast paced society, the need for a competitive and

flexible event insurance coverage has become increasingly essential.

This type of insurance is meant to protect an event organiser against

the financial consequences of damage or bodily harm caused to another

person or business.

As an event organiser, you must always expect the unexpected and your

normal insurance might not be adequate to cover you if something spoils

your special day. A specialised insurance policy can protect you against

the unforeseen, letting you bask in the glory of a well-run event, as

there are cases, when things can go completely wrong, even with great

planning and arrangements. Investors, these days are plunking down

millions for professional events, like sports and many others, and

therefore have to sure they are legally protected against any mishaps.

• A quality event insurance coverage can protect you against failure of

your goods or those you have sold, repaired or serviced to another

person or business. It has become relatively easy these days for

exhibitors at trade shows and the like to buy a highly competitive

package of cancellation, property damage and liability cover which can

be tailor-made to their specific requirements. You can have a great sigh

of relief as you are covered for losses up to the sum insured, in an

event at which you have arranged for space as an exhibitor is cancelled

due to weather conditions etc.

• The policy is especially designed to cater for your needs, offering a

wide variety of events, whether you need insurance for party, fetes and

fairs, insurance for festivals, or insurance for a music concert. It

covers a range of disputes like for example civil litigation,

professional and clinical negligence, property disputes and insolvency.

• In the last few decades, many insurance providers have served a wide

range of industries by offering with a flexible, cost effective and

reliable, event insurance coverage. You can get a range of commercial or

personal legal protection products through appointed intermediaries as

well as through specialist schemes for solicitors and affinity groups.

Your insurance company will normally choose a solicitor for you but you

can speak to your provider if you would like to use another solicitor.

Some insurance companies do allow you to use a solicitor of your choice

from when court proceedings start. These providers can help you with the

tools to manage costs and risk either in the pursuit or defence of


• Some insurance policies are arranged after the legal dispute has

arisen and each policy is based on the attributes of the individual

case. You may also be to add to a wider policy like car, home or for a

stand-alone product.

• Sports event insurance provides coverage for a tournament or other

type of event where pro athletes, teams and leagues are usually


Most event insurance coverage policies are cost-effective and

financially secure products that can really help you protect against the

financial risks associated with planning, organising or attending an

event, including cancellation and public liability.