Event Liability Insurance Can Also Cover Alcohol Related Accidents

4th May 2010

Your event liability insurance policy might provide coverage for

alcohol-related accidents. It protects organisers from the possible

costs liability claims as a result of accident or loss during your

event. This cover is designed to protect you from certain kinds of

claims that occur as a result of accidents taking place during the

event. If you want, separate insurance certificate depicting the

additional insured it can be issued by your insurance company. It is

quite important, however, to make sure that the per-occurrence and

aggregate limits needed by your venue is in line with your event

liability insurance policy.

• If accident occurs because of

intoxicated guest, you will get coverage on the basis of your event

liability insurance policy terms and conditions. It may allow you to

name your venue as additional insured and you do not need to pay any

extra money for this. You’ll have put a lot into staging a successful

event and it can cost a considerable amount of money too.

This type of insurance is available to individuals, committees and

event coordinators and may even include Village Fetes, Carnivals, Dog

Shows, Exhibitions, Sports Days, Car Boot Sales and Festivals.

In order to buy event liability insurance policy you first need to

select an insurance company. Once you have managed to do that, next you

will have to fill the application form. Sometimes, you even have to

attach documents like your passport and salary slip with the

application form. When your insurance company is sure that the details

you have provided are correct, you will receive an agreement paper from

the insurance company, which will include the terms and conditions of

the insurance policy. If you are happy with the terms and conditions of

insurance policy just sign the paper.

• Accidents do

happen, and this type of insurance plays a great role in protecting

you, especially when your guests get injured because of wet floor, you

are liable to pay him some money. This insurance offers protection for

the host / honoree for damage to the facility caused by a guest or

vendor, bodily injury to guests they are found liable for, and

alcohol-related accidents they are found liable for (if Host liquor

coverage is included on the policy). In general, this policy offers

coverage in the range of millions of pounds for third-party property

damage at the event site for which you are liable.

• The

insurance may not be that easy to understand but it should not be that

difficult to buy, either. There are companies, who can give clear

information about covers relevant to your event organising business and

a simple quote form to help you buy the right cover. They will also

help you compare quotes from a range of trusted insurers.


event liability insurance can give you peace of mind while you

concentrate on event planning. It is a specialty insurance policy

designed to indemnify the host from certain types of claims arising

from accidents taking place during the event.