22nd June 2010

Event Liability Insurance Can Protect You Against Any Circumstance

You need to have appropriate event liability insurance in place to overcome any unexpected expenses, if you are conducting an event.

You need to have appropriate event liability insurance in place to

overcome any unexpected expenses, if you are conducting an event. Even

if it’s not your fault, you may end up with a very large payment to make

for your legal defense. Disasters do happen and your special event can

be spoiled without proper prior planning. So whatever kind of event you

are planning, you can quite easily get the cover tailored to meet your

specific requirements and the one that is specifically suited for the

complexity and multiple variants of the different types of events. You

should buy your policy at least fifteen days before the start of your

event so that you get decent enough time to look closely at your

coverage documents.

• Some event liability insurance companies have strict policies in place

and consider clients only with a clean record.  In addition to that,

you also have to provide proof that you have not been subject to

previous claims made or filed against you. In some case, you can not

extend coverage for subsequent dates, or extend coverage to cover future

claims resulting from occurrences happening during the period of

insurance, beyond the twelve months period.

• The insurance policy generally offers defense against allegations of

abuse, assault or discrimination for up to a certain amount of your

chosen limits and is ideal for professionals, traders and contractors,

including builders, decorators, carpenters, as well as gardeners. If you

have a business, which provides advice or consultancy, there's a legal

responsibility to your clients and a breach could put you in court,

meaning you will have to pay hefty bills. There is often a case, when

you have to work away from your own premises, you may cause harm to

someone else or their property, that’s when your insurance policy comes

into play.

• The event liability insurance policy is usually based on dual

liability coverage. The coverage is limited to claims that occur during

the effective period of the policy and are made not later than twelve

months after the expiration of the effective period of the policy.

• Some companies can help you quotes and comparisons, on the exact type

of event insurance coverage for events that are too unusual or complex

for many other companies, all in a matter of minutes, no matter what

type of event you are producing.

• You can buy an insurance policy as early as one year prior to your

main event, and no later than 24 hours before your event date. Always,

take your time and make sure to go through the insurance documents

carefully, as once you have signed the agreement paper of insurance, you

might not be able to make any changes.

If your event is cancelled for reasons beyond your control like bad

weather, power failure or any other mishap, your event liability

insurance cover will pay you for your loss of net profit or your

irrecoverable expenses, up to the limit you want.