Event organisers holding conference on general election day

13th April 2010

Event organisers for the Embedded Masterclass in Cambridge are going to have to deal with the fact that the general election is being held on the same day.

Now that Gordon Brown has announced that May 6th as the day for the election, event organisers for the high-tech developer's conference have responded by saying they will remind delegates they can apply for a postal vote or vote before or after the meeting.

"We think engineers will not be too distracted by this. They will be able to exercise their democratic right and boost their skills levels all on the very same day," event organiser Richard Blackburn told Cambridge Network.

He explained to the news provider that the support from the engineering community has been looking strong for 2010 and the event should be a good one.

At the conference, attendees will be able to enjoy workshops, presentations as well as exhibitions.