Event organisers 'sought better value for money' in 2008

10th July 2009

<p><a href="http://www.tsnn.co.uk/event_management_organisers/suppliers" target="self">Event organisers</a> sought better value for money last year, shopping around for the best deal and negotiating harder on rates, according to the latest industry research.</p><p>Eventia's UK Events Market Trends Survey found that there was a general tightening of budgets among <a href="http://www.tsnn.co.uk/conference_organisers/suppliers" target="self">conference organisers</a> last year, as well as further shortening of lead times for bookings, longer waits for confirmations and increased cancellations.</p><p>The poll of 512 venues across the UK found that direct revenues from conferences and events stood at an estimated £7.2 billion between 2006 and 2008, down from the £8 billion from 2005-07.</p><p>Approximately 67 million people attended an estimated 1.31 million events last year, the research showed.</p><p>City venues led the pack, hosting on average 447 conferences a year compared to the typical 250 events held at rural facilities.</p><p>Meanwhile, Eventia held its annual conference last week, in which delegates discussed strategies for working in these recessionary times.<br/><img alt="ADNFCR-1753-ID-19260331-ADNFCR" src="http://feeds.directnews.co.uk/feedtrack/justcopyright.gif?feedid=1753&itemid=19260331" /></p>