Event organisers 'struggling to find conkers'

4th October 2010

The World Conker Championships are under threat because of a shortage of "high-quality" conkers, it has been claimed.

Event organisers have launched a plea for help, after struggling to find adequate conkers. 

The event, which is held by the Ashton Conker Club, is due to take place on October 10th.

However, trees near the club have produced a bad crop this year because of attacks by the invasive leaf miner moth.

A spokesman for the Ashton Conker Club called for people to donate conkers, noting that they should be "roundish in shape and about three centimetres in diameter". 

"With the World Conker Championships less than two weeks away it now seems that conkers are going to be in short supply," he added. 

Some 256 players are expected to take part in the men's competition, while 64 women will test their skills in the ladies' section. The competition will be held in New Lodge Fields.