06th January 2010

Event Public Liability Insurance – Protecting People

For a business to understand all of the coverage they need when planning an exhibition or convention they need to understand what event public liability insurance actually is.

For a business to understand all of the coverage they need when planning an exhibition or convention they need to understand what event public liability insurance actually is. Once a business understands who they are liable for, who is covered, and how much the coverage is worth they can have a successful show. Most importantly is the fact that people are protected.

When your business plans their exhibition or any other type of show they need to know exactly who will be there so that the underwriters can establish honest risk factors. These risk factors will determine the pricing for the coverage policy. Your business should always do their due diligence by studying all of the options available so that they make the right decision when the time comes for your show.

Event public liability insurance is just a component of the overall coverage that you will need to secure. There is also employer’s liability coverage, property coverage, and cancellation and abandonment coverage. This particular component will cover your business in the case that any claims arise from the attendees that are present while your exhibition or convention takes place.

When acquiring this type of coverage it is vital to have the answer to these questions readily available before contacting the provider that you wish to acquire event public liability insurance from because it will determine the policy itself: 

● The number of people who are planning to attend your event along with the maximum amount allowed
● Will your business have any specials needs such as coverage on certain items (Artwork, models, furniture, etc.)
● Will the event be indoors or outdoors
● Will employees be present, if so what will they be doing during the show
● Will security be present (Personnel, Electronic, etc.)

Your policy will be very dependent on these factors as well as other factors that the underwriter may ask you. The better prepared you the quicker you can navigate through the questions and the quicker an assessment can be made. Once the assessment period is over the underwriter will determine if your business exhibition or convention is insurable and at what cost. After reviewing the entire policy, including the event public liability insurance section, if you have deemed the policy acceptable then you may choose to go with that company. If not, then another company should be contacted in order to assure that your show goes on as planned.

Looking over the policy the business should focus on several factors to determine whether the policy is adequate or not. Some of the factors to look over include, price for the premium, what is the maximum coverage, what is the minimum coverage, what are the liabilities, what are the risks that were assessed, and maybe most importantly can our business afford the coverage. These factors should be looked at carefully. If it is determined to efficient and affordable then the policy should be accepted and put into place before the event is planned.

These types of shows can go very smoothly and every one involved can come away with a great experience. But in certain instances the unexpected can occur and cause great grief to the business as well as the attendees. There is no way to guarantee that these things will not happen but there are ways to cover your business from incurring these unforeseen losses. Event public liability insurance can set your business up with the peace of mind that you need in order to concentrate on your show and protecting your people.