05th July 2010

Event Ticket Insurance Will Protect You If Flights Are Cancelled

Event ticket insurance cover is especially designed to give you greater peace of mind on your investment.

Event ticket insurance cover is especially designed to give you

greater peace of mind on your investment. The things that should come to

your mind when buying expensive tickets should be what if the show or a

match is cancelled due to bad weather, you suddenly get sick, or you

have a loved one who becomes ill or injured, you may not be able to go

to the event. Same is the case, when you are flying, what if the flights

are cancelled. Of course if you have taken out ticket insurance, then

you don’t really need to worry about these issues, as you'll be

reimbursed for your ticket price, including any taxes or shipping

charges if you are unable to make it to an event or if you can’t fly.

• Event ticket insurance policies are developed by leading specialty

insurance and assistance provider, offering cover for many things, for


a. If you are prevented by an illness or an injury from being able to

use the event ticket, or if a family member is hospitalised or you need

to look after them. If you, an event companion, or immediate family

member dies.

b. If you are unable to make it to an event due to a traffic accident.

c. If your car breaks down within 48 hours of the event. If your home or

business is uninhabitable as a result of flood or other natural

disasters, fire, vandalism or burglary.

d. Flight delay- if your plane or other common carrier is delayed due to

weather while going to the event.

e. If you are required to work by your employer during the event or if

you are relocated by your company over 100 miles or so from your home.

f. If you miss an event as a result of a military orders or duty.

• Most event ticket insurance companies offer a full refund of the

purchase price, including shipping fees and taxes, if the ticket holder

cannot go to the event due to personal, medical or travel reasons. They

work towards the best interest of their customers and help them protect

their financial investment. This will build buyer loyalty and encourage

future repeat purchases and ultimately lead to increased ticket sales.

• There is usually no penalty if you change your mind and a full refund

of the premium is made within 10 days of buying the event ticket

insurance as long as the ticket has not been used and no claim has been


• If you have to cancel your travel due to any pre existing medical

condition on the day you bought the insurance, you will not get a


• You can make your claims online or contact the specialist and for a

claim form.

Tickets to live events can be really expensive and include some big

risk. With event ticket insurance in place, you are assured that your

financial loss will be covered if you are unable to attend an event for

any reasons beyond your control.