06th May 2010

Events Insurance Will Stop Your Event Turning Into A Disaster

If you have ever set up a trade show or exhibition you know the careful planning and effort that goes into any such campaign.

If you have ever set up a trade show or exhibition you know the

careful planning and effort that goes into any such campaign. And

effort is not the only thing that goes into such a campaign -  a lot of

money goes into it too, money that you should protect with an events

insurance policy.

The main reason why trade shows are so intensive both labour wise and

financially, for any company, is that they are areas of intense

competition. After all, both you and the competition are well aware

that each of you must strive to acquire the most potential customers,

while continuing to retain your own.

Because, let us face fact, customers go to trade shows looking for the

best possible deal, and while customer loyalty is not something to be

discounted, if a customer sees a good enough deal, he or she will take

it, no questions asked, no matter how many years they've dealt with you

in the past. So of course your company invests considerable sums in

convincing customers that you are a safe bet, and a good events

insurance policy is needed to protect that investment.

So what form does your investment take? And just what sort of

protections should you have? Well, a good policy should protect you on

three fronts. It should cover your materials and goods on site. It

should equally well cover those goods in transit to and from the site –

this can be crucially important, as it is normal to experience some

damage in transit. And the policy should also cover your workers as

well as any random accident that involves your equipment that might

injure some passers by.

Let us discuss each of those issues in depth. The first thing you need

covered by a good events insurance policy is the money you spend on all

the equipment you have at the trade show, from your main exhibit stand

to the banners that you might scatter around the grounds, as well as

your lighting and electronic equipment and even the promotional

materials you take along. What could possibly happen, you ask? And the

answer is, anything.

Random chance is hardly a reliable business partner – if anything

random chance can be relied upon to have something go wrong. It could

be something as simple as a short circuit among your floodlights.

Before you know it, the carpets have caught fire. The fire spreads to

your main stand itself, which is made of wooden panels that catch fire


Can you imagine your losses without the coverage of a good events

insurance? Everything goes up in flames – your expensive custom stand,

your promotional goods – perhaps expensive branded usb sticks. Your

digital projector and laptops. And worst of all, some of your employees

and passers by are injured in the fire.

Can you imagine your position after such a disaster? Not only is your

equipment a total or partial write off, but you now face legal claims

the extent of which are impossible to foresee. This is a large scale

disaster, and it can be prevented by the simple precaution of having

the event covered by a good insurance company, and taking out an events

insurance policy that removes the burden of such a risk from your