05th January 2010

Events Liability Insurance – Protect Your Show

Successful businesses can maximize their profits by putting on shows at locations where they previously had no presence.

Successful businesses can maximize their profits by putting on shows at locations where they previously had no presence. Events liability insurance is the most important aspect of putting on a successful show. Well after the products and services that your business provides that is.

A common question is how can I protect my show? By knowing exactly what type of show you plan on having and what type of products or services you are going to provide can go a long way in securing the type of policy that you need. There are many factors to consider when looking at acquiring coverage.

Some of the most important things to understand are what can be covered and how much coverage can the business acquire. Different providers will offer different coverage and policies. Event liability insurance should cover all of the risks that are involved. This means that any unforeseen event should be covered just in case.

The coverage can get quite pricey however knowing what your business needs can make the policy efficient. Is your business selling products or services? Either way the show that you are planning on putting on will need a policy in place to protect the interests of your business.

Common shows for businesses are:

● Animal Shows
● Art Festivals
● Auctions
● Concerts
● Consumer Shows
● Conventions
● Dances
● Exhibitions
● Fairs
● Fashion Shows
● Fundraisers
● Luncheons
● Meetings
● Parties
● Picnics
● Receptions
● Seminars

After determining what type of show you wish to have then it is time to find a provider. Your business should do their research as it can help tremendously when picking a provider for your coverage. Many providers offer different types of coverage and some specialize in events liability insurance. It is in your best interest to pick one of these providers.

After selecting your provider they will send an underwriter out to assess the risks that will be involved with insuring your show. Once the assessment period is over they will offer to issue a policy. Your business should determine if the benefits of accepting that policy are higher then the risks. Of course if you are unhappy with the limitations there are other options.

It is very important that your business understands all of the limitations of your coverage as this is very important to having a successful show. Of course to know the limitations of your coverage you have to know the limitations of the products and your own business. If you have decided to go with another provider then they will send an underwriter to come out again for the assessment period to access any risks that may occur during your show. Once the time table is set and the underwriter has accessed the risks then an events liability insurance policy may be issued by the new provider.

Your policy should cater to the exact needs of your business. Many times a provider will give you coverage that is unnecessary and expensive. Be sure to go over all aspects of the policy with your provider before accepting the terms. This process may take some time but it is worth it because it will save your company money. In the end your business will be happy that they decided to acquire events liability insurance.