Exhibition Banner Stand: an excellent choice for bringing a piece of your company to different events

19th March 2010

Sometimes it is challenging to get a right exhibition product when it comes to representing your company at various trade shows, fairs and sales. What kind of stand should you choose among the whole variety of these items available on the market? Portability, flexibility and attractive look make an exhibition banner stand an excellent choice for bringing a piece of your company to different events.

Indeed, this kind of stands has a lot of advantages which have already been appreciated by numerous business owners. First of all, they are compact in size, and you can place them in the most minimal space which otherwise would be wasted. Very often the trade shows are too crowded with hundreds of people – both the participants and visitors, and each company gets very limited space. However, with a banner stand you can show your promotional message from a table, a counter, in the corner or between some bigger stands.

An exhibition banner stand is an eye catching item – there is no guarantee that a visitor will give a second glance to your shelves with products. But with a nice banner it is always possible to grab his or her attention and point out the most attractive features of your products or services.  Besides, not only graphics can be used for a banner stand: for better effect you can attach an animated display. This way you can count on targeting even larger amount of visitors.

Perhaps you are concerned about durability of these stands – there is nothing to worry about. Yes, they are light weight, but not fragile: made of strong materials like fibreglass or aluminium, modern banners can with stands lots of falls.

Moreover, an exhibition banner stand is also pretty easy to maintain – just wipe the dust from time to time, and the surface of your stand will look brand new again. For storing they usually provide a special case, so the banner will be protected from sunlight, dust and humidity and also will not occupy the space in your office.

Needless to say, these banners can be used over and over again. You can attend the trade shows with the same graphics, or you can change them according to the changes of your products' assortment. Or you can use your banner in different places for different purposes. For example, when you do not take it to a trade show, you can place it with different graphics in a shopping centre, or in the waiting room of the closest airport, or in a post office, or even outdoors.

Right, these days an exhibition banner stand can be used outdoors – special materials (for example, opal-jet film) prevents the graphics from curling and tearing apart. Besides, these materials help to stop the damaging effects of sunlight.  Try to avoid all sorts of ink-based graphics if you are going to use your banner outdoors. It is especially important to remember because a warranty usually covers a banner base, but not graphics.

For a greater impact it is highly recommended to customize your banner: this way you will enhance your company's brand and get even more chances to be remembered by all those countless visitors at a trade fair or show. Consider the advantages of an exhibition banner stand and go original in comparison with your competitors.