18th May 2010

Exhibition Banner Stands Are Available In Many Different Forms

Exhibition banner stands can really make or break your show, so always choose the best one for your exhibition.

Exhibition banner stands can really make or break your show, so

always choose the best one for your exhibition. They can help attract

people to your stand, to discover what they are interested in, capture

their data and follow them up. These stands can really strengthen brand

awareness with the aim to increase the sales and business performance.

Appropriate planning and great execution can really make these stands a

wise investment. The way you present your stand can make all the

difference to the success you achieve. This can drastically increase

the number of people which come into contact with your business or

product and, in doing so, significantly increase the pool of your

potential customers.

• If you are on a tight budget, look out for exhibition banner stands

that you can use again and again, and make sure you get great graphics

panels that put your message across as simply and effectively as

possible. Double sided roller banner stands can be used to advertise

alternative products or services within an exhibit and can offer

greater exposure to a wider target audience if positioned correctly.

• They are part of the marketing strategy used by promoters requiring a

lightweight, highly portable, compact, lightweight, and expandable

stands. They are quick and easy to assemble with no tools required and

are complete with photo quality full colour graphics and supplied with

a padded carry case that gives you a go anywhere display.

• Most exhibition banner stands are portable and collapse into their

protective casing when inactive and the units fit in car boots,

aircraft and train overhead storage. They are supplied with a carry bag

making handling easier and are constructed from strong yet lightweight

aluminium frames, with a magnetic locking system.They are strong and

robust, with the material composition and design, which ensures their

resistance to knocks or scrapes and are less likely to break or fall

whilst in use.

• You can choose from a wide choice of roller banners including a

cassette banner stand, tension banner stands, roll up banners, outdoor

banners stands, bamboo banner stands and double sided roller banners.

They offer ideal solution for limited display space and offers maximum


• You can either rent or buy exhibition stands and your decision will

inevitably depend on how much you intend to use your exhibition stands.

You need work out how much you can afford to spend on your stand and

then get the very best you can for your money. If you have more cash,

then look out for modular systems that can be built to your

requirements, giving you a real presence at the show.

Exhibition banner stands are proven successful promotion tools and an

important part of most marketing plans. They can be just as efficient

when they are used in the indoor environment of an exhibition show or

when they are installed in an outdoor setting such as a busy high

street, can generate interest in a product as proficiently as many of

their other counterparts.