Exhibition Display Units Are A Great Way To Keep Your Stand Organised

19th May 2010

Most exhibition display units can be quite expensive, both in direct

and indirect costs but with the right attitude, they can be your

biggest marketing coup of the year. You can spend your money quite

well, if you take the time to approach the exhibition in the right way.

These units are an elegant way to show off any product and with proper

planning and great execution, you can make these units, a wise

investment. This would help you to reach out to the right target

audience, set your sales targets and send your best people so that you

can really make the show work for you.

• The exhibition display units are an extremely popular for all types

of presentation displays. You can choose from portable display cabinets

to wall mounted display cabinets, glass shelving to tower show cases or

you can get a product that will suit you.

• The most popular ones are aluminium framed glass cabinets, showcases

and the budget display cases, which are all usually kept in stock.

There is a choice of colours available and also lighting for all of our

display furniture available too. With a great variety of glass

counters, trophy cabinets and tower glass showcases, you will be sure

to find a glass display unit that is well suited to you.

• Most exhibition display units are all usually kept in stock and

packed and delivered in crates, ready for self assembly. The glass

counters are constructed from 5mm toughened glass and include lockable

doors in a range of build qualities. They also come with options for

lighting, cupboards and adjustable shelving and are made from quality

materials to ensure their durability.

• The folding showcases come completely flat-pack and are simple to

transport and erect on your exhibition stand.  They have a good quality

aluminium frame with acrylic glazing panels and an optional MDF base. 

If you’re on a tight budget, look for pop-up exhibition units that you

can use again and again, and make sure you get great graphics panels

that put your message across as simply and effectively as possible.

• Most units are ideal for use in retail displays and are particularly

suitable for displaying giftware. These are extremely popular for all

types of presentation displays. Almost all the glass showcases come

with a manufacturer’s guarantee and are carefully delivered and

constructed for peace of mind.

Just like any sales and marketing exercise, the exhibition stand units

can be designed with sales in mind and attract people to your stand,

find out what they are interested in, capture their data and follow

them up. They can be really successful tools, when the salespeople make

them work and you can really make the most out of these units, by

setting targets for how many prospects you want to capture on each day,

and don’t leave the hall until you’ve achieved your target. Similarly,

you can also set a target for the number of prospects you want to

convert once the show is over and work hard to ensure that those

prospects become customers.