14th July 2010

Exhibition Insurance Covers You Financially

Exhibition insurance is something that any collector should consider obtaining before displaying any of their priceless collectibles to the public

Exhibition insurance is something that any collector should consider

obtaining before displaying any of their priceless collectibles to the

public.  This type of insurance covers you financially in the event that

something unforeseen happens to your collection or pieces of your

collections while the public is enjoying your possessions.  This is a

popular form of insurance for those who own and operate art galleries

and automobile displays as well as coin and stamp collectors with large

viewing shops.  You will be protected from a number of different things

including but not limited to natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and

even terrorism as long as you get the full coverage.  You can apply for

temporary or permanent coverage based on your needs and your present


Exhibition insurance helps to save collectors

thousands and millions each year by protecting their most prized and

expensive possessions, while providing them with peace of mind and

security.  You will be asked a number of questions about the location of

your exhibit which will include the following information, does your

facility have temperature control that operates all day and night, is

the facility securely locked and appropriately alarmed, is your exhibit

monitored by humans the entire time the public is present, are there

fire sprinklers and extinguishers in every room of the facility, and of

course is the exhibit viewing time limited or can the public access your

collections any time they wish.  Answering these questions will help to

determine the cost and deductible on your insurance policy.


insurance covers most art in professional galleries, but will often not

be willing to cover the artists studio directly, or outdoor art

exhibits, or even exhibits that are located in facilities that the

insurance company deems to be not properly supervised or secured.  Often

this type of insurance will also cover the exhibitor for liability to

the public as well as protection of their art or collectibles.  In cases

where the art or collections are worth very large sums of money the

payout will obviously be larger so the amount you pay for the coverage

will be considerably larger than if the art was of lower value, with

this in mind you might consider which pieces you want to display and at

what times to ensure you are getting the most for your insurance Pounds.


insurance can save you millions of Pounds in losses and liability in

the event of a disaster while you are displaying your art or

collections. The exhibition facility can be protected from everything

from floods, break and enter, theft, and even acts of terrorism.  You

can be awarded the full value of the missing or damaged pieces or a

portion depending on the coverage you selected.  Talk to your insurance

agent today to see what they might have to help you keep your valuables

safe while you allow others to enjoy them.  Not sharing your precious

art or collection may not be an option to covering yourself with

appropriate insurance can help you keep better and more secure in your

choice to share them.