Exhibition Plinths Are A Great Way To Display Your Product At Events

12th May 2010

Good quality exhibition plinths can really help you to increase your

booth traffic by notifying your customers and prospects that you'll be

exhibiting, and giving them a reason to visit you. It is an impressive

way to express your most outstanding benefit so clearly and

compellingly that your target visitors will make a beeline to explore

your offer and speak to your staff. These plinths can be the perfect

marketing piece if you have a great concept or theme and can really

help you target your particular market. This would give a significant

opportunity to enhance product visibility, promote new and existing

products, generate leads and drive incremental sales.

Most exhibition plinths are reasonably lightweight, flat packed and can

be assembled on site in minutes without the need for tools. They are

produced to bespoke sizes. You can request the height of the plinth and

the diameter and colour of the worktop and once built they can really

transform into stylish exhibition units.

• The various

ranges are reliable and available in a choice of Velcro friendly loop

nylon colours, beech and aluminium laminated finishes or you can choose

from the fold flat range which allows direct mounting of laminated

display panels. This will always add an element of custom design to any

exhibition stand display or booth.

• Portable exhibition

plinths usually come with leg-room on one side and extra layer for

slide-out desk or keyboard, exhibition and presentation furniture can

be assembled in minutes from flat pack without tools.They are ideal for

positioning a laptop and literature and provide a space for taking


• The original workstation has a gently curving

front edge with straight sides. It has a convenient storage area in the

hollow base and has a large 750mm wide x 970mm high front facing

display panel for adding a graphic. The central display panel can have

a different colour finish to the display counter’s side panels. You can

customise your display with graphics, and add a professional look to

your display table with the imprinted table throw covers or table


• Most of them are quite ideal for conferences and

trade shows, as many of the exhibition plinths and display counters can

be customised. They have a multitude of uses including laptop counters.

You can quite easily choose a range of plinths in various sizes and a

choice of finishes from online shops.

These tools offer one

of the easiest and fastest ways to make an impact, encouraging more

customers to come through the door. They can empower many businesses

and business owners to cultivate their target market more effectively,

quickly transitioning viewers from potential customer to first-time

customer to repeat customer by creating a memorable, attractive, and

informative advertising narrative over time. They serve quite well in

any environment where information needs to be effectively and

efficiently conveyed to any number of people. In addition to all that,

these items are less expensive when compared to other traditional