Exhibition Plinths Will Get Your Products Seen

12th April 2010

When you feel that having a display stand is not enough to represent

your company at a trade show, fair, sale, exhibition or some other

events of that sort, you have a wonderful option to enhance your

presentation with a wonderful combination of exhibition plinths and

stands. Or perhaps you wonder whether only the plinths can be used for

advertising your business – they certainly can.

Just imagine your products being exhibited on a stylish, well designed

and perfectly manufactured set of plinths – it is highly unlikely that

any of those numerous competitors in a trade show would be able to

match you. It means it will be you who is going to win the attention of

potential clients and perhaps even to make them your actual clients at

once. While your competitors give out leaflets describing their goods

and promising discounts, you go innovative and use something original

and eye catching, something with a big potential.

You might think that using the exhibition plinths would be

uncomfortable because of their bulkiness and heavy weight. It is all an

illusion. These kind of exhibition products provides a lot of advantage

you cannot expect from old fashioned shelves, tables and other piece of

furniture for displaying your goods.

First of all, it is portability – these days it is possible to

manufacture the plinths out of reliable, but light weight material,

therefore it is possible to relocate them without any particular

efforts. In a few minutes you can rearrange the combination of your

plinths or even to move them to another place.

Also, they are exceedingly easy to assemble, so do not need any

additional employess to do the job: the setting up can be entrusted to

any employee of yours or even done by you personally. You can go for 

acrylic, plastic or polyvinyl exhibition plinths – all of them are

quite durable and light.

Besides, you have a choice of colours and shapes as well. As for the

colour scheme, it would be best to replicate the one of your brand

image.  Thinking of shapes, do not be afraid to be original, there is

no need to choose traditional cylindrical or rectangular shapes, though

of course they look rather impressive as well.

Buy the plinths of different heights and get them beautifully arranged 

-- and your chances to impress the visitors will increase immensely.

Moreover, there are also modular plinths available on the market, so

you can choose the best possible configuration according to the general

settings of a trade show or exhibition. Rearranging the set of your

exhibition plinths, it is possible to find a nice solution when your

space is much more limited than you would like it to be.

Another great feature of these exhibition products  is so called “flat

pack” option. With flat pack you do not have to worry about

transporting and storing your items – they will not occupy too much


With all the key features mentioned above it is very difficult to find

a reason for not using the plinths in the course of your promotional

campaign. And why to search for them, after all? It is much more

productive just to use the advantages of the exhibition plinths.