12th April 2010

Exhibition Stand Contractor Will Set-Up and Manage Your Stand

For the marketing strategist, an exhibition stand contractor can prove to be an extremely useful and a powerfullly.

For the marketing strategist, an exhibition

stand contractor can prove to be an extremely useful

and a powerfullly. Remember, such allies can be invaluable to the success of

a shrewdly thought out marketing campaign, and the absence of the right people

can prove disastrous. Remember that when you allow your company to be

represented at a trade event, you allow the customer a window into the world of

your organisation – now what that customer see depends on the clarity of the window

you provide.

The quality of your exhibition can be all important when you

consider the number of similar competitors who will be competing for the same

segment of customers. And a good exhibition stand

contractor can help you optimise that quality.

Of course, there are a lot of people visiting a trade event, and

the customer density, especially at niche events, is probably denser than at

any other location. But if you happen to be in a competitive market, you might

find those customers taken by a score of your competitors – or if you happen to

be going up against another major company, you may find that company seizing on

a much larger percentage of customers, leaving hardly any business for anyone


So capturing and holding the attention of prospective customers at

such an event is all important, and perhaps the best method to achieve this is

with an attractive exhibition stand. Of course an exhibition stand contractor will build that

stand for you - but a stand is only the beginning. As the one planning the

marketing campaign, the burden of strategic thinking rests upon you, and you

cannot afford to lose sight of the larger picture while you attend to minor


Of course you will have a lot of things to attend to, and a lot of

decisions to make. After all, you need to do far more than just set up an

attractive stand – you need to consider what promotional literature you need

printed, how you will attract prospective customers to your stand, and just how

you're going to hold their attention when they get there. So being able to

delegate work to an exhibition stand contractor might make all the difference between success and failure. You

need to decide whether you're going to have different shows and programs to

catch the eye of passers by. You need to decide whether promotional items will

be handed out, and if so, just what those promotional items will be.

This said, it would be best to purchase the stand itself, and

leave the setting up of the stand and any construction involved to a good professional.

Because this will save you time – and, in the sense that a professional will

prevent things from going wrong, thereby ruining the event – it will save you

money as well.

Remember, a stand contractor will not only set up your stand, but

change it around if it is modular, set up the light show, if that's the

attention-getting gimmick you've decided upon, as well as set up the sound

system and movie projector in case you're planning to bring an element of

sophistication and high technology to the event. Consider how useful these

services will be, and consider whether taking on an exhibition stand contractor may perhaps be a

crucial element in your overall strategy.