Exhibition Stand Contractors Will Take The Hassle Out Of Your Exhibition Set-Up

12th April 2010

So what do exhibition stand contractors mean to you? For the modern

business organisation, attending trade shows, with all the attendant

details, issues and problems – as well as the undoubted benefits – is

part and parcel of the working year.

Lets discuss the advantages. One of them, obviously, is that you have

the chance to show case your products before a concentrated audience of

people who are obviously interested in them, and a great percentage of

whom are potential customers. You also have the opportunity to confirm

customers who are already favouring you with their business in their

loyalties. The real problem is that these very opportunities exist for

your competitors as well, and they are more than capable of taking

advantage of them.

You'll find that exhibition stand contractors will help even the odds

here. Obviously, you not only have to attend a trade show but have to

stand out from your competitors as well, and convince the potential

customers attending the show that not only does your company deliver

quality and service, but that it can deliver these things better than

anyone else, faster, and perhaps even cheaper.

And you need to put this message across in the strongest possible way.

No other strategy will allow you to maximise your impact at a trade

event. And of course, the most important feature of any strategy at any

such event is your exhibition stand itself. Which brings us to

exhibition stand contractors.

Generally speaking, if your stand is going to be anything more than a

tiny portable affair, you would be well advised to hire a professional

to handle the construction and the setting up at the site required.

Remember that these people do this job regularly, and therefore are

more than familiar with all the issues that could arise.

Also, a stand constructed and set up by professionals will have a far

more finished and polished look than one set up by an amateur, and at a

trade fair where competition is so intense, this could well spell the

difference between success and failure.

Of course the kind of help exhibition stand contractors will provide

depends to a great extent on the sort of stand you are using. If it is

the standard exhibition stand, which tends to be a few boards and

graphic panels arranged around a very basic framework, it is unlikely

that you even need a contractor – your own people could easily set that

up for you.

It is the same situation with a portable stand – one that has been

designed to be so. With such a stand, designed for ease of set up,

additional help is generally unnecessary. And of course a banner stand

is so elementary that it hardly even bears talking about.

But when we go on to more complex variants of the exhibition stand,

exhibition stand contractors come into their own. Having some

professional help is invaluable if you have a modular stand whose

configuration you intend to change several times in the course of an


Lets say you need your stand to be a simple stand in the course of the

day, and to convert to a miniature movie theatre in the evening. Well,

it's possible that your own staff could handle this conversion – but

would they be able to handle unforeseen issues that may arise. And if

they have problems with the conversion, will it not leave you with a

half disassembled stand that demeans your company?

This gives you some idea of how and when you should use exhibition

stand contractors – a simple rule of thumb is, hire one for anything

that you couldn't handle yourself if you wanted to.