Exhibition Stand Equipment Can Help Your Stand To Stand Out

19th May 2010

Marketing managers make use of exhibition stand equipment and

displays, as part of their marketing mix to enhance the profitability

in a face to face advertising campaign. They are commonly used to set

an artificial, branded and highly aesthetic pitching environment and

allow you to showcase your business principles and outline what it is

your company can offer. Designing an exhibition stand is a specialised

field and should be undertaken by a professional organisation with

experience in this field. If you want your visitors to access your

stand easily and to feel comfortable, you must avoid any unnecessary

physical barriers. Always keep in mind, your company image and how you

want to be portrayed quality, high-tech, established, contemporary,

sporty or traditional and make sure that your corporate image and

identity should be prominently featured.

• Good quality exhibition stand equipment and stands are usually

affordable, reusable and highly recommended by many professional

marketers. These items can be supplied as an outdoor all weather banner

stands printed in full colour or mounted in a vinyl banner frame

complete with fittings. Outdoor vinyl banner stands are fitted with a

base which can be weighted with sand or water to keep the vinyl banner

in place in windy conditions.

• When it comes to custom exhibition stands, then these incredibly

mobile and light weight items are the pick of the bunch. They offer

quick set ups and easy transportation, which can really make life much

easier for you.

• Some exhibition stand equipment and displays are quite suitable for

bigger display spaces such as a traditional popup stand which features

an easy up pop up frame with high quality hanging exhibition graphics,

or covered in Velcro friendly fabric panels. There are few exhibition

stands, which offer a modular brushed aluminium frame that can be added

to from a seamless exhibition graphic wall in stands of up to three

meter widths. As far as a twist modular exhibition stand system  is

concerned, it comes complete with integral spotlights to create a

really modern exhibition stand.

• These tools are lightweight and easy to transport, are a great way to

get your business noticed and stand out above your competitors at large

exhibitions or small conferences. They can be laminated to form a

fantastic  stand graphic display while still being durable for a busy

exhibition environment. Some of the additional features include

lighting options, internal storage shelves, and accessory poles for

adding display shelving, literature holders or even small digital

displays. You can even add a connector piece to the top and expand

unlimited multiples for one large inline counter top.

• There are companies, who can offer a great range of products which

are truly cost effective and can be used as an ideal networking tool.

They can help you design your stand in a way, which can really make

your space stand out from those around you.

These exhibition stand equipment and displays can be utilised in a

number of different scenarios to create brand awareness, attract an

increased customer base and boost your return on investment.