06th May 2010

Exhibition Stand Manufacture Is A Key Part Of Your Event Success

Before we go into the intricacies of exhibition stand manufacture, perhaps we should discuss the functionality and worth of the stands themselves.

Before we go into the intricacies of exhibition stand manufacture,

perhaps we should discuss the functionality and worth of the stands

themselves. If you have any experience with trade shows you know that

they can be the key to the expansion - or otherwise - of your business.

This is because customers at a trade show are there to examine options.


means that you have to figure prominently at a trade show just to keep

your current customers, because few customers, however loyal, are going

to stay with you if they perceive that another company is offering them

a better deal – or if they think that another company seems more

dynamic, more customer oriented, or perhaps even if another company

simply 'pushes' itself enough, and you don't happen to be on the scene

to counter the effect of that.

So what does all this have to do

with exhibition stand manufacture? Remember, trade events and

exhibitions just can not be ignored – or else you will lose customers,

and lost customers quickly translate into lost sales. So you need to be

the dominant force at any such event – and the first step to doing this

is through a good exhibition stand. Now there are many elements that go

into the manufacture of a good stand.

Firstly, it must be

portable, which means that it has to have a lightweight framework. This

is usually provided for by using aluminium struts, girders and tubing.

Lightweight and strong, this provides the perfect internal framework

over which the rest of the stand materials are placed. External

materials used in exhibition stand manufacture are usually pressed wood

or fibreglass – these are what give shape and the appearance of mass to

the stand, and over these come the weather proof design panels that

hold the company's colors, it's logo, and various attractive computer

generated graphics.

Besides these things, a stand might hold a

large banner over it, as well as plinths to hold the products, and even

eye catching pop up displays. And of course, the more sophisticated

stands incorporate various advanced technology, including neon

displays, surround sound speaker systems – or hi fidelity systems, and

even movie and laser projectors.

Generally speaking, the more

sophisticated the stand the less portable it is, so that when you go in

for exhibition stand manufacture you have to examine your needs before

you spend on a stand. If your company require representing at events

all across the country, you will be well advised to ensure that you

have a more portable and transportable stand, and one that is easily


This will allow you to easily transport your stand to

events all across the country, and also allow you to store it easily

when it is not being used. Perhaps this sort of portable stand may not

have the awe-inspiring look of a custom designer stand, but in it's own

way, because of the vast area it allows you to cover, it is if

anything, more valuable.

However, a custom exhibition stand

manufacture can have it's place too – at elite events where impressing

a customer with your company's brand image means that the customer will

likely send all the business of the company he or she represents your