19th March 2010

Exhibition Stand Manufacturer: an effective help for your next trade fair

Perhaps you are searching for some good exhibition stand manufacturers to help you with your next trade fair or exhibition.

Perhaps you are searching for some good exhibition stand manufacturers to help you with your next trade fair or exhibition. You know that when you are at a trade show or exhibition, the few minutes that a customer or potential customer spends at your stand might mean the difference between acquiring their business or losing them to a competitor. And lets face it, your competitors are not only well aware of this – they are also doing their very best to ensure that it is they, and not you, who ends up acquiring those customers.

Under such circumstances, a good exhibition stand is a must, and there are certainly exhibition stand manufacturers a phone call away, creating them in all shapes and sizes, and customised to every requirement. There are portable stands for businesses that need to cover trade fairs and exhibitions around the country, and custom and even designer stands for businesses that need to hit a niche market at a few key events and exhibits. Whether you need a portable stand that can easily be dismantled and shipped at a relatively low cost or a designer stand with a movie projector and surround sound, rest assured that there is a manufacturer out there waiting to help you.

Modern stands use a range of strong yet lightweight materials in their construction. Your exhibition stand manufacturers will usually use aluminium as a base for the stand – a structural support upon which the rest of the stand is built up. Over the aluminium skeleton goes pressed wooden fibre-board or vinyl, or even fibreglass, and over that again come fabrics and design panels. The end result is a stand that looks extremely attractive and truly symbolises your company, in size, shape, colour scheme and design panels, and yet is lightweight, easy to transport, and usually easy enough to set up without hiring specialised labour.

On the other hand, a custom designer stand might be quite complex to get set up, as your exhibition stand manufacturers will usually include specialised and highly original shapes and sophisticated, state of the art integrated technology, such as complex lighting arrangements, surround sound systems linked to a computer control and with a range of speakers set up to create a three dimensional audio ambience, and perhaps even a movie or laser projector. A stand like this will need highly skilled technical manpower to set up and to maintain – you want a skilled person on hand in case something should go wrong in the course of the exhibition. After all, after spending so much on the stand and its systems, you hardly want to lose your audience at that high-profile trade show or exhibition solely because of a technical glitch that you did not have anyone around to handle.

In any case, acquiring that manpower should not be a problem at all, as the exhibition stand manufacturers that you are dealing with should handle it for you. After all, he already knows your requirements – he made the stand for you, and he knows exactly what technical skill is needed to set it up.