Exhibition stands to bring history event to life

12th April 2010

Exhibition stands will be used to host a free event in Portobello, designed to educate locals and visitors alike about the area and its past.

Taking place on Wednesday April 14th in St John's Church Hall, Brighton Place, the event will use exhibition stands to display information about the town's past and has been organised by a group working to preserve a historic local kiln, the Scotsman reported.

The event has been put together by Portobello Heritage Trust, which evolved from a group of community representatives in a Kilns Working Group, and has overseen the repair and restoration of the collapsed kiln, located in Bridge Street.

Dr Margaret Munro, chairperson of the working group, told the news provider: "These kilns are a vital remnant of the industrial history of Portobello and Scotland and, as such, their future needs to be secured."

Recently, exhibition stands were used to help promote the Ideal Home Show, which enjoyed its most successful year in a decade in 2010, pulling in 250,000 visitors over 17 days.