E&Y and EEDA embrace interactive technology

27th November 2007

Ernst & Young and the East of England Development Agency have recently enhanced their events using LiveInteractive’s bespoke audience engagement system.

Professional services organisations Ernst & Young recently met in Paris for its UK Partners Conference. To create an interactive and lively forum with the 470 partners present, it used LiveInteractive’s audience engagement system to share opinions and capture ideas.

Andrew Walton, a partner at Ernst & Young, said: “One of the primary values of the LiveInteractive system is the power of free text. It facilitates discussion at tables, gathers key points and captures thinking from within an organisation. As all opinions count within a partnership, this aspect of the system is very powerful.”

Mark Allison, a manager at The East of England Development Agency, another recent user of the technology, said: “The free text aspect of the LiveInteractive audience engagement system was a critical factor in its selection. Other systems available offer voting functionality, but free text ensured the maximum collection of valuable qualitative information.”

The LiveInteractive system combines purpose-built software with touch-screen technology in a single lightweight tablet. The system can accommodate people in individual or group formation. Views and opinions can be analysed instantly from the system and displayed on presentation screens at the front of the forum and collated into post-event reports.