F2F and tfconnect launch new show for event organisers

22nd March 2010

Two leading exhibition companies have announced the launch of a new show named Technology for Events, which will take place at the Business Design Centre in July.

Event organisers tfconnect and F2F have revealed that they have formed a partnership to develop the exhibition, which will co-locate with the Event and Exhibiting Show, formerly known as Exite.

Technology for Events will feature speakers talking about the must-know digital marketing solutions and the latest technologies available to event organisers.

Austen Hawkin, managing director of F2F said that co-locating the two shows made perfect sense because of the crossover of both visitors and exhibitors.

"Customer value has to be the mantra for all businesses. To achieve this, event organisers must constantly strive to engage cutting edge event technology to deliver and wow their audiences," Trevor Foley, managing director of tfconnect, added.

The news follows the launch of new marketing body FaceTime, which aims to promote the live events industry through research.