25th February 2010

Fabric Chair Covers – Natural vs. Synthetic

In this article, we will discuss and compare the two main types of fabric chair covers: natural (cotton) and synthetic (polyester).

In this article, we will discuss and compare the two main types of fabric chair covers: natural (cotton) and synthetic (polyester). Both of these options are widely used in home décor, as well as they both have their pros and cons, which we will discuss below.

Cotton Chair Covers
Cotton covers will give you a double benefit - a beautifully decorated interior and a healthy gift for your body. Cotton is a thin, delicate, but very sturdy natural fabric, which feels good and looks elegant. This material has been used by humankind for over eight thousand years. In ancient times it was considered to be worth its weight in gold. In the XXI century it has become even more widespread: according to statistics, every second textile product in the world (including fabric chair covers) is made of this material.

Cotton is the most natural and friendly fabric for people. It is smooth to the touch, hygienic and comfortable. This material “breathes” well. It is very durable and resistant to tear and abrasion. The most important aspect is that cotton does not create any static electricity whatsoever. It is easy to wash and iron, as it withstands exposure to the harshest detergents and the highest temperatures. Cotton also cannot be damaged by moths, as it is "indigestible" for them.

Polyester Chair Covers
Polyester is a scientific breakthrough that’s less than a century old. It is a synthetic fibre that’s produced from chemical substances found mainly in petroleum. Polyester fabric chair covers are resistant to stains. They will retain their initial colour for years to come, they are antistatic, and they don’t wrinkle. General care tips: wash cool with a gentle washing cycle, and iron low (if needed). Do not bleach. The overheating of the fabric can form wrinkling that may be quite hard to get rid of. The fabric dries quickly after washing, and doesn’t stretch or shrink. Polyester it often used together with spandex, for the creation of the tightest-fitting covers that can fit any piece of furniture just like a glove.

Cotton vs. Polyester
As you can see, both materials are worth your consideration. Each of them has their unique look and feel, and both can make for the perfect fabric chair covers. Let’s compare their features. Durability: cotton is considered to be more durable if there are pets in your home. Staining: polyester is more stain-resistant. Feel: both materials feel quite pleasant; cotton feels more natural while polyester feels softer. Look: both materials look great, while polyester typically allows for more appealing designs. Care: polyester is easier to care for, but you need to be cautious with high temperatures; cotton cannot be damaged by high temperature or detergents. Pricing: both of these materials are priced similarly – some cotton designs may be very affordable when compared to polyester, and vice versa.

So, which material is better? They’re both great. Now you just need to take a closer look at your potential fabric chair covers and determine which of them seem better for you.