25th March 2010

Fabric Display Boards Look Professional and Complete

The fabric display boards are the best choice when you want a smooth image that can cover the entire pop-up frame from top to bottom and/or side to side.

The fabric display boards are the best choice when you want a smooth

image that can cover the entire pop-up frame from top to bottom and/or

side to side. These display boards represent a significant opportunity

to enhance brand and product visibility and promote your new and

existing products. They can be used as visual aids to draw attention to

your trade show booth and are a great way to showcase product

information and services. They are as one of the easiest, economical,

and most convenient products to market your business to trade show

attendees and help you meet all your marketing needs and budgetary


• You can choose to purchase ready-made fabric

display boards or have one custom made to fit the particular needs of

your products and services. These boards can effectively communicate

your message with visual impact while building your brand.

Since there are many designs of board displays available, you should

consider what style works best for you, keep the following in mind:

1. The cost of your display fabric. You don’t need to spend lavishly for that.

2. The size of the fabric displays that you need.

3. The equipment required to display the fabric.

There are many

specialist suppliers of exhibition and display fabrics, and stock, who

can distribute a wide range of flame-retardant and industry standard

fabrics, all of which are to a high grade on both colour and

performance. You can also hire exhibition display designers to create

an exhibition display solution custom tailored to your needs.

The fabric display boards are made up of good quality Velcro receptive

material, with a self adhesive backing. Panels are reversible; show

displays all one colour or a combination of the two. They not only look

attractive, but are quite efficient in how you can pack and assemble

them in order to minimise labour and avoid damage.

• You

can create an eye-catching display in minutes with the help of

easy-to-use plastic frame, which sets up quickly. Try and use large

graphic displays, to ensure your message will be clearly seen. You can

add custom graphics, counters, display pedestals, panel shapes,

columns, rounded components, backlit headers and other components to

customise your design.

You can draw traffic to your trade

show booth by using fabric display boards that can make a great impact

on the overall look of your booth. Whether you are working with a tight

budget or you're responsible for outdoing the competition, these boards

can transform your wants and needs into a custom display perfectly

suited to your company. These are bright, vivid advertising tools and

are a good way to lure customers into your trade show space to visit

with you and can be designed to quickly, clearly, and memorably

communicate your message. They can make your trade show booth visually

appealing. In addition, they would enable you to stay on top of the

latest industry trends, gain competitor insights, make key industry

contacts, and further solidify relationships with current customers.