28th August 2009

Face-to-face meetings 'still important for businesses'

Businesses still want to call on the services of conference organisers as they are continuing to push for face-to-face m. . .

<p>Businesses still want to call on the services of <a href="http://www.tsnn.co.uk/conference_organisers/suppliers" target="self">conference organisers</a> as they are continuing to push for face-to-face meetings, according to an expert.</p><p>Tim Wade, head of marketing for the world's largest hotel chain, Best Western, said that although the travel market has been hit by budget cuts, organisations still want to conduct get-togethers in person.</p><p>"We have found that clients are using hotels in the city where they are based to meet rather than using ones further afield, in a bid to save on travel costs," he revealed.</p><p>Mr Wade said that it was increasingly important for <a href="http://www.tsnn.co.uk/conference_organisers/suppliers" target="self">conference organisers</a> to offer added value for businesses as the recession forces them to reduce the number of external meetings they conduct.</p><p>Recent research by British Airways found that 95 per cent of business executives believe face-to-face meetings are essential for building long-term relationships with clients.</p><p>Of the 2,300 executives who were questioned, 89 per cent said conducting get-togethers in person was essential for 'sealing the deal'.<br/><img alt="ADNFCR-1753-ID-19337322-ADNFCR" src="http://feeds.directnews.co.uk/feedtrack/justcopyright.gif?feedid=1753&it..." /></p>