Fiat 500 launched with help from PRG Europe

26th March 2008

Exactly 500 hours after the stroke of midnight that saw in the New Year, car manufacturer Fiat introduced its new 500 model to the UK market at the London Eye. The event, which was produced by innovision, saw PRG Europe supplying lighting and services throughout the site, which included the Eye itself and main stage, plus two VIP areas and the roadway leading to the site.

One of the new Fiats was driven into one of the London Eye’s pods and lit by lighting designer Paul Cook using PixelLine and Palco LED lighting, while in every second pod, Mac 2000 wash luminaires provided sparkle for thousands of onlookers and invited guests. On the stage in adjoining Jubilee Gardens, Paul lit performances by Mika and The Feeling, and, along the roadway up through the gardens to the site, he replaced the permanent blue floodlighting with Fiat’s corporate colours.

Cook, who worked with innovision’s production managers Will Roberts and Matt Darby, and site manager Kevin Peacock, explained: “When we worked with PRG Europe to light the Eye, we needed a slick operation. The Eye was operational up until 5.30pm, then, our crew dashed into each pod to install the necessary equipment, then dashed out of the pod again while they still could.

“I used a red and white look, occasionally dropping in an Italian flag or Union Jack,” Cook continued, “plus we had the support of the permanent LED lighting on the Eye itself. The overall effect was fantastic.”