09th October 2009

Fitted Chair Covers - Take the Chairs at Your Event From Ordinary to Extraordinary

When adding a cover to a chair it can be compared to bringing life to a dormant object.

"What a difference a cover can make!" can be heard around the world.

When adding a cover to a chair it can be compared to bringing life to a

dormant object. Fitted chair covers are an excellent way to make

furniture go from ordinary to extraordinary. You can believe that a

chair cover will change the whole dynamic of a room.

Chair covers

can change many things about furniture. Individuals who wish to have

the texture, colors, or even the whole look of a piece of furniture

change before their eyes will be amazed at what a simple cover can do.

Covers have been around for a very long time and were first used to

protect furniture. Now those same covers are used to: 

  • Protect Furniture
  • Conceal Bad Spots
  • Comfort
  • Change Base Chair Colors
  • Add Elegance
  • Inspire A Theme


covers are abundant in the market place, each has their own claim. When

selecting fitted chair covers one must ask them selves what they are

looking to accomplish. After answering that question it becomes clear

that there are still a remarkable amount of choices regarding which

cover to choose.

When an individual thinks of a chair cover they

do not think of all of the luxurious qualities that it brings to the

table. The type of fabrics used varies so significantly that just that

choice alone can change the entire dynamic of a room. Polyester, satin,

matte, and many others give an individual a lot of options to explore.

The color of the cover will be selected based on the individual's

preference of their own room.

Covers or slips as they are

oft-referred vary greatly in shape and design. A leading industry

expert says, "When choosing a cover, people often overlook the shape

because they fall in love with the design..." which according to him is

a mistake. An individual choosing a cover should always make sure the

fit is perfect for the look they want to accomplish.


selecting a cover one must admit that deciding on fitted chair covers

is the best way to go. Relying on anything else allows for a potential

bulky fit and inadequate look. The sleek and smooth design will bring

the chair to life and add a dimension of luxury to an already elegant


Having a self-tie chair cover is a close second in the eyes

of most sellers. More often than not adding covers are complemented by

adding a sash. The sash will complement the cover by adding a pleasant

eye-catching appeal. However in most cases a beautiful, well fitting

chair cover can be a focal point of a gorgeous room.

When an

individual walks into a room and sees the absolute beauty that is

inspired by the furniture in it then you know the right choice was

made. You do not have to understand the dynamics of great interior

decorators to know that feeling of creativity and elegance.


all instances the fabric, color and overall design of fitted chair

covers make a room and the furniture in it go from ordinary to